To God Be the Glory! Psalm 65:1-13

Pastor Larry Smith

"Our Protection Comes From the Most High God" Psalm 91

Intentional Interim Pastor Larry Smith

"From Anxiety to Holiness" Psalm 61

Intentional Interim Pastor Larry Smith

Reformation Sunday: "Righteousness Through Faith"

Believers Find Encouragement in the Psalms Psalm 121

"Believers Find Encouragement in the Psalms"

Pastor Dennis Bauder

"Believers Find Encouragement in the Psalms" Psalm 8:1-9

Intentional Interim: Reverend Lawrence Smith

"Believers find Encouragement in the Psalms" Psalm 5:1-12

Interim Pastor: Reverend Lawrence Smith

A Woman Bent on Healing

Interim Pastor Larry Smith

Hannah - A Woman of Pain, Promise and Principle

Pastor Dennis Bauder

A Reflection of Ladies Used by God: "The Character of Abigail"

Rev. Lawrence Smith

Reflections of Women Used by God - "Forced to Face Herself: the Woman at the Well".

Pastor Larry Smith

"Cornelius, Just Good Dude Missing Something" Acts 10:23-35

Pastor Larry Smith

"Crying Out to the Lord Will Bring Comfort" Psalm 119:145-152

Pastor Larry Smith

Eternal Life "Made for Relationships" John 11:17-27

Pastor Larry Smith

The Wonder of Life: "Made with Amazing Design"

Larry Smith

The Ascension "Acts 1:1-11"

Vincent Lifrieri

"A Conversation After Breakfast" John 21:15-25

Vincent Lifrieri

"An Unexpected Appearance" John 21: 1-14

Vincent Lifrieri

"Who's Your Daddy", Part -1

Rich Griffin

"The Power of the resurrection" Luke 24:1-8

Pastor Larry Smith

"Palm Sunday - A Week's Walk to the End of Condemnation" - Mark 11:1-11

Pastor Larry Smith

"Precious Promises to be Thankful in Prayer" Joshua 23:14

Pastor Dennis Bauder

0:00 / 49:23 "God's Glory is Too Big to Miss" Psalm 19

"Shepherd Faithfully, Live Humbly, Resist the Devil". I Peter 5:1-11

"Hauling" for God for the Long Haul

"Hauling" for God for the Long Haul - Mark 1:35-39

Pastor Dennis Bauder

Calling on God in Prayer

"Calling on God in Prayer" Isaiah 64:1-9

Pastor Dennis Bauder

The Character of Courage

"The Character of Courage" Joshua 1:1-9

Pastor Larry Smith

Throne Room Praying: How to Storm the Gates of Heaven

Follow in Jesus Footsteps

"Living Before a Watching World" I Peter 2:11-17


"Instructions for the Exiles" 1 Peter 1:1-9 Guest Speaker: Vincent Lifrieri

"Jesus, Immanuel - God With Us" Matthew 1:21-23

"A Child is Born" Mighty God; Isaiah 9:6

Rich Griffin, Guest Speaker "A Paradox for the Ages"

Dr. Kevin Cassidy, Guest Speaker

Prayer - Joining People and Their Struggles to God

Psalm 100 "Joy is a Heart Thing"

Matthew 6

"You've Got Mail" II Corinthians 3:1-5

"A Final Message". Acts 20:17-32

Keep Knocking: Persistent Prayer; Luke 18

"Faith that Overcomes Weakness". Judges 6-8

Guest Speaker - Missions Sunday

In the Depths

Where is God When I Am Scared About Life?

"Lo entiendes" Acts 8:26-40

Standing Firm for the Long Haul - Help for the Journey

Chaplain Danny Croce

The One True Christ - pt. 2 "The Testimony of the New Testament Writers"

The One True Christ

Are You a "Flip Flop" Christian?

When The Chips are Down, Will You Still be Up?

The True Path to Freedom: Rights or Responsibilities?

Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant

Becoming a Man After God's Own Heart

Growing in Christ in the Midst of Chaos

Household Responsibilities

God's Chain Link Fence

Deacons - A Study in Servanthood

Elders - Ministers of God's Word and Shepherds of God's People

God's Vision of Provision

A Life Changing Breakfast

Wanted: Mothers of Courage for Times Like These

The Engravings of Love

A New Heart for a New World

Love is Here

Indifference, hostility, or joy?

Peace in the Turbulence

Transcendent Hope


Thanksgiving that goes beyond circumstances

Follow Me

Sunday Service

What's in a Name?


Waiting of the Promise

Opening Act

The Decision

Who is Jesus?

True Self

Rescue and Remembranch

The Pivot

The Dash

Together We Stand, United We Fall

Guest Speaker August 23rd

The Conversation

Sunday Message August 2nd

Sunday Message July 26th

Counter Movement


In the Waiting

Authentic Love

Stand and Move

When Doing Good Goes Bad

His Favor in the Unfavorable

Sunday Message May 10th 2020

Sunday Message May 3rd 2020

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